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This is the outline for your country bios.  It must be accepted by Lsuvsfar.

Country Bio:  

Country Name:  



Government Type:


Economy Type:



Total Military Size: 

Military Technology:  

Land Controlled:  

Things to knowEdit

More things will be added here later.

  1. You can annex a country either diplomatically or militarily.
  2. This is the basic path to diplomatic annexation.
  3. RTA- Reduced Tarrif Agreement
  4. FTA- Free Trade Agreement
  5. NAP- Non aggression pact
  6. MDP- Mutual Defense Pact
  7. Full Military Alliance
  8. (Helping them out militarily or aiding there country in some way will speed up annexation)
  9. Annex them
  1. The game starts in the year 1930.
  2. The current superpowers of Britain and France will lose most of their colonies in the 1960s along with some of the other colonial powers.
  3. To figure your population for 1930, take the country/ies current population and then divide it by 3.54.
  4. A general rule of thumb is to start your military out at .5% of your population, though some countries may change this depending on population(Ex. Several North African countries have their militaries at 1% of their population.)
  5. To figure your GDP, here is a general guide to follow.
  • 1930s~$80B
  • 1940s~$90B
  • 1950s~$150B
  • 1960~$300B
  • 1970s- Look at the current GDP of the land you control and determine it off that.

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